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It is obvious that without the staff, the House of Flowers would not exist. These individuals have shown incredible patience, tenacity and dedication both in their demanding daily work at the House over  the past ten years, caring for anywhere from 15 to 33 children, as well as in dealing with the occasional crises that arise.

Whether there are issues with government ministries or heart-breaking situations with the children, the staff is always there to protect the children and act in their best interests.We have been fortunate to have relatively little turnover during these past ten years. This has provided the children with the stable environment they greatly need. And those new staff who do come on are quickly integrated into the philosophy and approach of the House, to ensure consistency for the children.

The staff has shown an incredible ability to absorb and integrate the new ideas of Montessori psychology to learn techniques for educating and guiding the children. These approaches are often critically at odds with the traditional Afghan style of child care, but the staff has directly experienced the powerful results of the Montessori approach through the calm, mature, responsible and caring nature of the children.

Now the staff is extremely eager to share their understanding with other orphanage staffs, and this process has begun through a training program with Alluaddin, a city government orphanage.

Our Dedicated Staff

Who They Are, and How Long They’ve Been With the Children (as of October 2012)

(Hover over each picture to see who they are.)

Fahim – house manager, substitute teacher, trainer, night supervision (10 years )

Dr. Inayatulluh – administration (HEWAD), medical care (6 years )

Fatima – teacher and trainer (10 years )

Qudsieh – teacher and trainer (6 years )

Nik Mohammad – cleaning, maintenance, boys’ night supervision (9 years)

Amjed – guard, school escort, boys’ night supervision (2 years)

Khale Rudaba – cook (6 months)

Khale Pushtun – laundry, cleaning (6 months)

Khale Lailama – cook assistant, nursery assistant, girls’ night supervision (6 months)