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With HEWAD, an Afghan NGO (partnering with MEPO since 2000)

In 2002 MEPO opened the House of Flowers in Kabul with the help of Amanullah Nasrat and his organization, HEWAD. HEWAD is an Afghan

NGO that has been working in Afghanistan and Pakistan in the areas of health and education for over 17 years. MEPO’s relationship with HEWAD extends back to 2000 when they worked together opening mother-child health centers and home-schools in Afghanistan during the Taliban time.In 2002, HEWAD made all the government connections needed to establish the House of Flowers as an official private orphanage approved by the government of Afghanistan through the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. Over these past ten years, HEWAD and Mr. Nasrat have been invaluable in providing oversight, support and management of the House of Flowers staff as well as liaising with the Ministry when needed. They have done this work without compensation; they do it solely because of their personal connection and love for the children of the House of Flowers.

Mr. Nasrat joins the Girls Education Day celebration, sharing his own poem entitled “Women”
Mr. Nasrat (on the right) renews the House of Flowers protocol with the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare in Jan. 2011
Mr. Nasrat (right) confirming the protocol.









MEPO is extremely grateful for the consistent and trustworthy commitment of Mr. Nasrat and his HEWAD staff. Their work has made the existence of the House of Flowers possible.

 With Nove Onlus – An Italian NGO that has been a friend of the House of Flowers for over 10 years, Nove Onlus’ commitment to supporting the model that the House of Flowers represents is also extremely strong. They have the ultimate goal of one day establishing a training program to help other orphanages draw up on the practices employed to such success at the House of Flowers. They have also provided financial support at critical junctures.

With Canadian Women for Women of Afghanistan – This committed group not only raises funds and supports the House of Flowers, but they also visit the House in Kabul. They have offered support in the area of security protocols, and educational planning for the older children. Their support has been invaluable.

With A More Balanced World– Dedicated to directly supporting the educations of children in need, AMBW provided scholarship money for Razia of the House of Flowers (Razia and Nadia) as she embarked on her university education. Now that more and more of our children are preparing for university, including Razia’s sisters Nadia and Shukria, AMBW is ready to offer more scholarships.