This part of the Forum is a place to share more developed ideas, such as theories or musings that make good food for thought as well as serious published articles. The articles below have been written over the past ten years and span a range of topics, as you will see.

We hope that you will also contribute your own articles or share ones that you find particularly powerful.

The Philosophy of Water (by Mostafa Vaziri, 2001/12)

•  House of Flowers article – article in Montessori International (PDF) (by Allison Lide, 2009)

• “Montessori Education:What is its relationship with the emerging worldview?” – Masters thesis in Conscious Evolution, by Allison Lide, 2012, published in the Journal of Conscious Evolution

•   Looking to Bhutan to Activate Mid-East Peace Talks  – in the Bhutan Observer (PDF) , page 10 (by Mostafa Vaziri, Sept. 2012. )