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MEPO’s Finances

For 13 years, MEPO has operated solely on donations from individuals. As such, we ave always run an extremely efficient volunteer organization, with no donation funds used for administrative expenses.

In 2016, the House of Flowers operating costs were covered by an anonymous donor working with the organization Canadian Women for Women of Afghanistan. This donor and the organization has made the financial stability of the House a reality.

This same donor has generously agreed to also cover costs in 2017! This is a great opportunity. Now MEPO can direct more resources to a Transition Fund for older children of the House of Flowers as they move into young adulthood. This Transition Fund will cover things like university fees, help paying rent, small seed money for starting a business, etc.

MEPO will also cover staff bonuses, children’s allowances, and some staff stipends.

Our project budgets are straightforward, practical and transparent. Our goal is to raise enough money in a consistent manner that the projects, particularly the House of Flowers, are stable and secure and are not existing on a tenuous, month to month basis. For this reason, we deeply appreciate people’s commitment to regular donations. Supporting the lives of children is not a one-time circumstance. We must provide steady and consistent support the way parents provide for the consistent care of their children.


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